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Hotel do Louriçal



There's little information about this hotel/senior residence.

It's known that it began construction around 1998, and it stopped in 2000 and was never completed. All its interior is in cement and brick, only the exterior seems to be finished.

It's not clear what the purpose of this building was, but it's said to be a hotel, a retirement home/senior residence, an inn/hostel, or even a residence for the needy.

The reasons why the work was never completed are due to poor licensing, lack of project signatures and one of the base pillars resting on a eucalyptus stump, making this building an illegal construction.

The owner, having some factories in the area, decided to build this building with a kind of lighthouse on top to be able to observe the sea, which does not happen due to the distance to the sea and the various hills and mountains that prevent its visibility.

Whether it will be demolished, reused or in ruins, no one knows.

Posted on September 20, 2019

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