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In Search For "Lost Memories"

by Daniel Novo Gaspar

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One of the biggest challenges for me is getting in to my memories, getting lost in them as I get lost so many times in paths that in the end lead me to relive stories that I thought I had already forgotten. Now imagine finding memories that are not mine, don't belong to me, that guide me through spaces that I don't know, objects that don't tell me much, paths already taken by others and what remains of them is only history now forgotten.

Leaving to discover, I highlight the manor houses and farms, those that once were inhabited by noble lords or of great possessions, and by their families.

As well as the age of these stately homes, I was inspired by paintings from the 19th century. They are distinguished by their architecture, decoration, and the ability to resist time and vandalism. They are authentic museums with an open door.

Due to lack of documentation, investigating these homes is a frequent challenge. Knowing its history and that of those who lived there is sometimes impossible, and often what I have left is to observe and instinctively gather information.

In general, the first image that comes to mind when we think of abandoned places is a ruined, destroyed, empty space or building. Sometimes that is not the reality. There are places full of stories, whether houses, farms, palaces, hotels, which hide a universe of secrecy and mystery that I like to unravel. And with this project I want to change that idea a little, showing a more classic and manorial side of several abandoned places in Portugal.

In this project I show that in addition to the space itself, it is also the objects that compose and give life to these forgotten places. I portray the idea of ​​the mystery that each space carries, and not knowing what I will find, what may be inside.

It is not just about documenting these forgotten places, I look for their characteristics and personality, not only for their beauty, but mainly for the way that light invades and illuminates spaces, as the only present and living form. An exploration, requires research, enriches my culture, generates creativity and is a source of inspiration.


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